Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Porcedure

Sagging breasts has become a common problem after pregnancy and breast feeding. Multiple pregnancies leave a woman with protuberant belly and hanging breast. Wieght loss also caused breasts to hang many times. To tighten such breasts we perform breast lift surgery.

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Breast Lift

Sagging breasts can be tightened again and looks a young attractive female again. A simple procedure called breast mastopexy is performed to correct this problem. We provide best kind of breast surgeries in Lahore Pakistan.

Ideal Patients for breast surgery
Ideal Patients

Sgging breast problems are best dealt in momies after breast feedin, women after massive weight loss and advancing age. Some young females have hanging breasts naturally. We correct all kinds of problems.


It usually requires general anesthesia. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction

Although it leaves a scar on the breasts but overall satifaction rate is very high because tightened breasts are much more attractive in these patients.

Follow Ups
Follow Ups

Patients mostly requires one visit to remove the stitches if any. Recovery is very fast and takes only few days to bring the patient to normal activity.

Breast lift in Lahore
Other Methods

We provide best services for breast lift surgery in Lahore. It can be done with or without an implant to further enhance the breast to next level.

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Doctor's Notes

I personally like this procedure specially the patients with saggy breasts which are quite unattractive. After the procedure patients are happy and resume their life normally.

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