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Breast surgery ranging from breast enhancement, breast implants, breast enlargment without surgery, fillers, nipple areaola beautification and enlarment. We provide the best kind of breast surgeries in all Lahore. Breast enhancement by breast implants and fat filling are efficiently done with good results. Few of our common procedures of breasts beautification are ....

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Breast Enlargment With Implant

Breast is a beautiful female organ but if it is small or absent it may destroy someone 's life in our society. Young ladies have difficulty in getting married. Other females also have social issues. We provide best breast enlargment surgeries in Lahore Pakistan.

Ideal Patients
Ideal Patients

Small breasted ladies, normal breasts but woman wants more fullness of breasts, unequal breasts in young ladies.


It usually requires general anesthesia. But breast enlargment and fat graf can be done under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is a way to make procedure completely painfree for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction

High satisfaction rate is obtained with single procedure implant implacement to enhance breasts in young ladies.

Follow Ups
Follow Ups

Patients mostly requires one visit to remove the stitches if any. Recovery is very fast and takes only few days to bring the patient to normal activity.

Breast enlargment in Lahore
Other Methods

We provide best services for breast enlargment in Lahore. It can be done with implant or withour surgery with the help of fat grafts. Missing breast or missing nipple and areola reconstruction is also done.

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Doctor Junaid best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore
Doctor's Notes

I personally like this procedure specially the patients with absent breasts and females with very small breasts, they get benefit of advancing this technologies to get back to their normal life.

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